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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about meetings and events

  • What kinds of events does the chapter have?

    Chapter events include meetings, book discussion groups, attending ballgames, and more.
  • How do I hear about events?

    They are publicized here, and officers also use the chapter e-mail list to send notices.
  • Are chapter events free?

    All meetings are free and open to the public. Members pay the actual costs for events such as ballgames.
  • Do I have to register or RSVP?

    You do not ordinarily need to register or RSVP for events at venues with free public admission (e.g. libraries). If you need a ticket or need to be on a pass list (e.g. events at Safeco Field), our announcement will state the requirements.
  • Can I bring a spouse or friend? Are members of the public welcome?

    Yes, all meetings are open to public at no charge. At the discretion of the chapter or a presenter, certain activities or materials (e.g. voting or a limited supply of handouts) may be limited to members.
  • What types of guest presenters do you have at meetings?

    Current and former players, employees of teams, people employed by media (e.g. broadcasters, sportswriters), subject experts, and others who can offer inside insight that will increase our baseball knowledge.
  • I’m a member, and I’m considering making a presentation. What types of topics are appropriate?

    Any topic that deals with baseball and reflects your original research is appropriate. You may also seek help with research projects. If you are uncertain about a topic or want meeting time for another reason, please discuss it with the chapter officer who is planning the meeting.
  • I’d like to organize an activity or event for people who live in my area. Can I do that?

    Yes. For example, members in Vancouver, B.C. coordinate the meetings there, and a book discussion group meets in Eugene, OR. Check with chapter leaders or the national office to make sure the activity complies with SABR policies (e.g. you may not profit from the activity).

Questions about communications

  • How do I communicate with other members of the chapter?

    Officers of the chapter use SABR’s e-mail list to send announcements to the chapter. Any members can communicate with all registered members through our Yahoo group. You can sign up for the group at http:// We don’t check to see if you are a current SABR member, and you are responsible for keeping your e-mail address current or removing yourself from the group.

    Members can also get contact information for individual members through the SABR Web site.

Questions about membership

  • Do I get (or need) a membership card?

    SABR no longer issues membership cards, except by request. With your SABR membership, you do get discounts to the Hall of Fame, and some other museums. To get those discounts, you need a SABR membership card. To get one, e-mail Deb Jayne (SABR membership services manager), and she will send one to you.
  • Do I have to engage in research or make presentations?

    No. If you just want to learn more about baseball through the research of others, that’s fine.

Questions from non-members

  • I have a product or service that would be of interest to members. Can you publicize it?

    No, but please contact the national SABR office. Note that if you are a member, you can make a presentation about a product that is the result of your research.
  • Can you provide subject experts for the media for a particular topic?

    With the wealth of knowledge our members have, we usually can. If you have a specific request, we’ll be happy to query our membership.
  • Do you provide free research for the public or the media?

    Although it does happen, that is not our mission. We are more likely to identify resources for your own research.
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Upcoming Events

No current events.

Chapter Officers

Bob Russon 
Portland, President

Tip Wonhoff
Tacoma, Vice President

Mark Brunke
Seattle, Secretary

Tim Herlich
Seattle, Treasurer