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Latin American Baseball - with a Venezuelan flavor
Written by Monte Cely   
Sunday, 23 February 2014 09:20


Beisbol Latinoamericano -- 2014 (con un sabor venezolano)

(presented Feb. 22, 2014)

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1. This year's Serie del Caribe was held in Estadio Nueva Esparta on what Venezuelan island?

Isla Margarita


Match the participating five countries' playoff winners to their home cities:

Team Names:  Naranjeros;   Navegantes de Magallanes;   Naranjas (or Leopardos);   Indios;   Tigres de Licey

Home cities:  Santo Domingo, DR;   Mayaguez, PR;   Villa Clara, Cuba;   Hermosillo, Mex;   Valencia, Ven.


Naranjeros de Hermosillo

Navegantes de Valencia  

Naranjas de Villa Clara

Indios de Mayaguez    

Licey de Santo Domingo


The Venezuelan Winter League consists of eight teams.  Match the team nicknames with their host cities/states:

Team Names:  Aguilas, Navegantes, Leones, Tiburones, Cardenales, Caribes, Bravos, Tigres

Host cities or states:  Caracas, La Guaira, Porlamar, Anzoategui, Zulia, Lara, Aragua, Valencia

Aguilas de Zulia

Navegantes de Valencia 

Leones de Caracas

Tiburones de La Guaira

Cardenales de Lara

Caribes de Anzoategui

Bravos de Porlamar

Tigres de Aragua


Beginning with Alfonso "Chico" Carrasquel in the '50s, many top-notch shortstops have come to MLB from Venezuela.  Identify the four Venezuelans from this list of MLB shortstops:

Elvis Andrus, Julio Lugo, Johnny Peralta, Omar Vizquel, Ozzie Guillen, Luis Aparicio, Jose Reyes, Edgar Renteria

The four Venezuelans are:  Andrus, Vizquel, Guillen, and Aparicio


Venezuelan MLB leaders -- name the:

a.  Two Venezuelan-born pitchers that have won Cy Young Awards

b.  Four Venezuelan-born players that have won batting titles

c.  Only Venezuelan-born player to win a league MVP

a.  Felix Hernandez and Johan Santana(2)

b.  Miguel Cabrera (3), Carlos Gonzalez, Magglio Ordonez, and Andres Gallaraga

c.  Miguel Cabrera (2)

6. Name the only Venezuelan-born player currently in the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame Luis Aparicio
7. Tiebreaker (if needed) -- of the 56 Caribbean Series played thus far, how many times has the Venezuelan team won? Seven



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