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Great Managers Who Also Played the Game
Written by Gilbert Martinez   
Thursday, 19 September 2013 21:32
Presented at the Sept. 19, 2013, chapter meeting

By position, which former players in Major League Baseball went on to become their position's all-time winningest managers? In other words, name the managers with prior MLB playing experience who had the most wins as a manager. The position the player played at most determines where he goes on the list. Name the top two managers for each position. For outfielders, name the top six.

Two points for each correct answer in the correct slot. You get one point for the correct name that is in the wrong slot. Maximum points are 36 points.

(Move the mouse over the blank space to see the answer)
1. Pitcher

Tommy Lasorda (26 games; 1,599 wins)

Clark Griffin (453 games; 1,491 wins)

2. Catcher

Connie Mack (610 games; 3,731 wins)

Joe Torre (903 games; 2,326 wins)

3. First Base

Walter Alston (1 game; 2,040 wins)

Cap Anson (2,152 games; 1,295 wins)

4. Second Base

Tony LaRussa (63 games; 2,728 wins)

Sparky Anderson (152 games; 2,194 wins)

5. Third Base

John McGraw (282 games; 2,763 wins)

Bobby Cox (188 games; 2,504 wins)

6. Shortstop

Leo Durocher (1,509 games; 2,008 wins)

Joe Cronin (1,843 games; 1,236 wins)

7. Outfield

Casey Stengel (1,183 games; 1, 906

Lou Pinella (1,401 games; 1,835 wins)

Dusty Baker (1,842 games; 1,668 wins as of Sept. 19, 2013)

Fred Clarke (2,193 games; 1,602 wins)

Dick Williams (456 games; 1,571 wins)

Chuck Tanner (202 games; 1,352 wins)



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