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Winter 2003
Written by Field of Dreams Chapter   
Wednesday, 01 January 2003 00:00
A big thank you to Alex Kleiner for providing the meeting room tonight at Drake.

We decided after exhaustive debate to hold a spring meeting on Saturday, April 26th at Davenport. The Quad Cities River Bandits play at 2 against Dayton. Tim Rask said he would post ticket options so we can decide what we want to do in that regard. If there is someone near the Quad Cities who can coordinate things there, we'd love for you to step forward and announce yourself.

Then on Sunday, August 30 we'll meet in Dyersville. Since it was Jim Hekel who made the original suggestion, and he wasn't there to defend himself, we nominated him to find us a meeting place. The Ghost Players will be appearing at the Field of Dreams from 12:00 until 2:00. We figured we could have a meeting after that and then anyone who was interested could reconvene at the field for some ball. And if that's a problem, Jim, just speak up. I'm sure someone can fill in.

In both cases we have the opportunity to hook up with SABR members in nearby states.

Steve Bennett

Additional notes from the Saturday meeting:

  1. In addition to the current slate of officers, Tim Rask agreed to be our Field Umpire (so that we have a second person watching upcoming deadlines, learning how to do the SABR Admin tools, and all that fun stuff.) Thanks, Tim, for agreeing to be tapped for this position.
  2. Charles Crawley was unable to attend the meeting, but asked that this be passed along about the website: There's room for additional content and research. If you have articles and photos to share with the world, please send them to Charles. He has the ability to scan and to otherwise make your work web-ready, so all you need to do is ... well, the hard part -- the actual research. The website is Thanks, Charles, for doing such an awesome job.
  3. 3. Dan Greder's trivia quiz was a hit, and Dan will send a copy to Charles for inclusion on the website so you can all test your wits against Dan's.

Hope to see you all on April 26th. Mark your calendars!

- R. J. Lesch, Des Moines IA

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