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Spring 2002
Written by Field of Dreams Chapter   
Monday, 01 April 2002 00:00
I would invite other attendees to share their impressions of the ballpark and environs. Personally, I thought it was a nice, pleasant, open, airy place. Tim got us into the section behind home plate, close to the action. In fact, we were close enough for one of our members to earn a pronounced glower from the home plate umpire after one inning in which Big Blue's performance, frankly, left a little to be desired.

Prior to the game, 24 people in various kinds of vintage baseball caps amused the stadium personnel by showing up and enjoying the group picnic area.

Shane Etter treated us to a presentation on the life and career of Art "Superman" Pennington; I'm sure Shane would be willing to share his handout with folks who are interested in receiving it. Mr. Pennington was unable to attend in person due to some health problems, unfortunately.

Our one bit of chapter business was one we've discussed here also: We decided to find an open Sunday in October for a joint meeting with the Halsey Hall Chapter in Mason City. Four of us (John Skipper, Charles Crawley, Stew Thornley and myself) will coordinate on this and let everyone in both chapters know what's up.

Charles treated us to an illustrated reading of Ogden Nash's baseball poem . I don't remember the title, but it's the one in which each letter stands for a player: "Y is for Young / the Magnificent Cy / People batted against him / But I never knew why."

The winner of Steve Bennett's brutal trivia quiz was Steve Smith (18 out of 42); Steve Elsberry and Terry Baxter tied for second with 16. Steve Smith wins the travelling trophy (a copy of Willie Mays's "Play Ball!") and the right to prepare the trivia quiz for our next meeting.

The Kernels defeated Dayton in the 11th inning when the Dayton reliever, new to the game, walked the bases loaded. The next play was an attempted suicide squeeze, in which the batter missed the bunt, hanging the runner out to dry; however, the catcher dropped the ball and the runner scored. Ah, A ball!

Many thanks to Tim Rask for organizing and running the show! That's one of the fun things about this chapter so far; each meeting, someone else has stepped up and done it, and the results are way better than anything we could do without that collaborative effort.



- R. J. Lesch, Des Moines IA

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