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Written by Gilbert Hernandez Black   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 10:58

Cam Perron outside of  Fenway Park


By Gilbert Hernandez Black


My name is Gilbert Hernandez Black. I am 76 years of age. Most people call me Gil or Gil Black. I grew up two blocks from the polo grounds. I used to sneak over the left field fence in 1948 to 1951. I fell in love with Baseball.


Yes, I witnessed the greatness of Willie Mays, Robert Clemente, Robin Roberts, Sal Maglie, “Big Jim” Hearn, Dave Caslow, Warren Spahn, Joe Adcock, Sibbi Sisti, Sam Jethroe, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Stan Musial, and so many more. Now baseball had me hook, line and sinker.


All above was forgotten memory that I did not think about much.


Sitting around the Christmas tree two years ago, my oldest daughter was on the internet and she said, “What team did you play with?” I said, “the Clowns.” She googled the Negro Leagues official website, and left a comment on the Negro Leagues to inform fans and former players in my time to contact me if they knew of me. And then there was CAM on the phone who called, “are you Gil Black?” I said yes. He told me who he was and how old he was, and asked me a lot of questions. I was glad to answer. He lit a spark that turned into a flame, and I came alive. “Baseball”, we can talk baseball.


But, that was not his total goal. His goal was me and who I was to Negro Leagues baseball player, and where I fit in. I have played with many great players some with renowned names and some not.


Cam brought serious thinking to mind about what makes one player better than the other. I was fitted for the Clowns, the way I came up in New York and Connecticut. I was able to play every position except catch, I tried, but it didn’t work out too good. Many of my coaches took me from pitching to play short stop as third base as outfield. I had a good bat and that helped the team win.


Cam reunited me with former players that I could call, and talk over old times and maybe make future plans.


Cam dug up 50-60 years of newspaper clippings that I was in or a part of, all are in which I am mentioned.


Cam asked me to autograph a baseball and baseball cards. I was glad to do it (no one has asked for my autograph in a long time.).


Cam is a friend of mine.

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