Los Angeles Angels of Los Angeles Book Project

SABR’s Bioproject has spawned quite a few book projects, and our chapter is jumping on the bandwagon. The Boston Chapter has released the books on 75: The Red Sox Team That Saved Baseball and The 1967 Impossible Dream Red Sox: Pandemonium on the Field. This has spawned additional projects on the 1968 Tigers and the 1959 White Sox, in addition to a project on the Red Sox of the 1950s. Bios from the books are expected to be posted on the Bioproject site at some point after the book runs its course. These would be the models for our book.

The goal is to write a book about the original Los Angeles Angels, with a goal of finishing in time for the 50th anniversary in 2011. There are several ways the project could be developed. We could cover just the original 1961 team, or the entire Los Angeles Angels team, which extends through most of the 1965 season (the name change to California was announced in early September). In addition, we could cover every player, along with management and coaches, or we could have some sort of selection criteria.

Every player on the 1961 team is about 50 bios. Stretching to 1965 about doubles the list of players. Some of the players are already covered by other chapter projects. The expectation is that the books could share bios of common players (possibly modified for context). Those bios listed as reserved by another project have not necessarily been assigned to an individual, so may still be available. Hopefully, those bios which have been reserved by individuals will be completed and allowed ot be included in the book. This would also go for the one bio which is already posted on the Bioproject site. In addition to the players, owner Gene Autry, GM Fred Haney, Manager Bill Rigney, and the coaching staff (Bob Elliott, Marv Grissom, Red Kross and Jack Paepke in 1961) should be included in the book. Broadcasters Steve Bailey, Bob Kelley and Don Wells could also be considered. (And Buddy Blattner started in 1963).

Participation is not limited to chapter members (though SABR membership is required for posting to the Bioproject site).

Jim Gordon’s earlier presentation on Wrigley Field, where the Angels played in 1961 has been worked into an article posted on the bioproiject site and we will also have articles on the expansion and draft process that year. If we include the full Los Angeles tenure, we will also need an article on Chavez Ravine (Dodger Stadium).

Andy and Jean Ardell have agreed to assist me with editing the book. I look forward to everyone’s participation. First drafts of the bios are due late 2009, so that we can spend most of 2010 editing and organizing the book for 2011 publication.

The players and management of the 1961 Angels are listed on the left. The players and coaches from the 1962-65 Los Angeles Angels that were NOT part of the 1961 team (some of the 1962 coaches PLAYED in 1961) are listed on the right. Those players that have already been reserved, either by an individual or one of the other projects are so indicated. Just because a player is listed on another project does NOT mean that the biography has acutally been assigned, so feel free to request them, just understand that the deadlines might be different.

* indicates a deceased individual

Original 1961 Angels Additional 1962-5 Angels
Dan Ardell
Ken Aspromonte
Gene Autry* - assigned - Andy McCue
Earl Averill - assigned - Steve Roney
Julio Becquer
Steve Bilko* - assigned Dick Beverage
Ted Bowsfield - assigned Michael Bender
Fritz Brickell* - assigned Steve Roney
Rocky Bridges
Leo Burke
Jerry Casale - assigned - Tom Larwin
Bob Cerv
Dean Chance - assigned Tom Nahigian
Tex Clevenger
Jim Donohue
Ryne Duren
Bob Elliott*
Art Fowler*
Jim Fregosi
Ned Garver - previously assigned
Eli Grba
Marv Grissom*
Ken Hamlin
Fred Haney* - assigned - Jim Gordon
Russ Heman
Ken Hunt*
Johnny James
Lou Johnson
Ron Kline*
Ted Kluszewski* - White Sox 59 proj
Joe Koppe*
Red Kress*
Gene Leek - assigned - John Green
Ken McBride - White Sox 59 project
Ron Moeller
Billy Moran
Tom Morgan* - assigned Bob Andrews
Jack Paepke
Albie Pearson - assigned - John Garner
Del Rice*
Bill Rigney* - assigned - Barry Mednick
Bob Rodgers - assigned - Maxwell Kates
Ed Sadowski*
Tom Satriano
Ray Semproch
Jack Spring - previously assigned
Bob Sprout
Chuck Tanner - assigned - Al Parnis
George Thomas - completed(Birch)
Lee Thomas - assigned Ron Selter
Faye Throneberry* - Red Sox 50s proj
Leon Wagner* - assigned Jay Berman
Eddie Yost

Wrigley field - completed (Jim Gordon)

Joe Adcock* - previously assigned
Bo Belinsky*
Bob Botz
George Brunet*
Bob Duliba
Tom Burgess
Jose Cardenal
Gino Cimoli
Lou Clinton* - previously assigned
Jim Coates
Billy Consolo - Red Sox 50s project
Marlon Coughtry
Bobby Darwin
Charlie Dees
Tom Egan
Hank Foiles
Paul Foytack
Aubrey Gatewood
Julio Gotay
Lenny Green - Tigers 68 project (Nowlin)
Jackie Hernandez
Jack Hiatt
Bill Kelso
Ed Kirkpatrick - assigned - Steve Roney
Bobby Knoop
Frank Kostro
Barry Latman - White Sox 59 project
Bob Lee
Don Lee
Mike Lee
Frank Leja*
Marcelino Lopez*
Rudy May
Jim McGlothlin*
Bob Meyer
Julio Navarro - posted on bioproject
Mel Nelson
Fred Newman*
Joe Nuxhall*
Dan Osinski - previously assigned
Salty Parker*
Bob Perry
Ron Piche
Jim Piersall - Red Sox 50s project
Vic Power*
Merritt Ranew
Rick Reichardt
Phil Roof
Bob Sadowski
Jack Sanford*
Paul Schaal
Costen Shockley
Dick Simpson
Bobby Gene Smith
Willie Smith*
Al Spangler
Ed Sukla
Felix Torres
Bob Turley
Dick Wantz*
Gordie Windhorn
George Witt

Chavez Ravine - tentatively assigned Ron Selter